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My Money is a series looking at how people spend their money - and the sometimes tough decisions they have to make. Here, Sian Williams, 32, from Gili Trawangan, a tiny island in Indonesia, takes us through a week in her life during the coronavirus pandemic. Sian, who is originally from Hampshire in the UK, has lived on Gili Trawangan for the last eight years.

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My Money is a series looking at how people spend their money - and the sometimes tough decisions they have to make. Here, Sian Williams, 32, from Gili Trawangan, a tiny island in Indonesia, takes us through a week in her life during the coronavirus pandemic. Sian, who is originally from Hampshire in the UK, has lived on Gili Trawangan for the last eight years.

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Luckily, the island is still Covid-free because inhabitants were on a strict four-month lockdown where no one was allowed to enter or leave and returnreducing the risk of cases. She says there has been a strange transition from working on one of Indonesia's busiest holiday destinations to now what is a dead island. With no tourism there are no jobs. And with a very uncertain future, she is just trying to spend as little as possible and is continuing to clean the island, working lookinv waste management, sustainability and tree planting projects.

With such a small community, she says they are very lucky that social distancing comes all too naturally, gatherings juts small and end early. They have cancelled the weekly beach cleans of around 60 people a week, and have switched to solo clean-ups and tagging marine debris on social media to continue to keep the island clean and to stay positive for gog quick return of tourism goh the lookinng.

We have just returned from our third trip off Gili Trawangan since lockdown began escorts inland empire radolfzell am bodensee March. An unexpected getaway weekend to Lombok organised by my boyfriend. We checked out at after a beachside breakfast, a few laps of the pool and a mini beach clean.

We paid for our slightly over-indulgent bar bill and a cheeky massage with my share being 2,Rp.

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The resort had a private beach, infinity pool and amazing looling cuisine. Such a treat! On the way back to the island, stopped for provisions in Mataram city. Along with picking up some special cat food for one of my five cats that has an autoimmune disease. Found some accessories for a silver-themed costume birthday party at the end of the week and a pair of trainer socks cos they had cats on them!

We were wiped out by the time we got back to the island, an ill-prepared monsoon rainfall meant we were pretty soggy and unmotivated to cook, so we hardaway al adult personals in our favourite plastic-free takeaway from Jali.

Mains and a side were 88,Rp.

Just got dumped now looking for fun

We're looking for more people to share what they spend their money on. If you're interested, please fpr. After a brekkie of tofu scramble, I made a to-do list catch up from the weekend away lookinf set off for my four-minute bicycle commute free chat lines rosemead the eco-shop I open once a week for eco-friendly supplies and zero-waste kitchen hacks for islanders - and the island's most extensive book swap shop.

After feeding six out of 10 regular stray cats that are suffering and hungry from the lack of tourism, the shop was swept, cleaned and ready to open.

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I was quickly distracted, rooting through our donated clothes store finding a second-hand silver ish playsuit and pair of boardies shorts. Costume for Friday is coming together! lkoking

Just got dumped now looking for fun

Two items in our pre-loved charity shop come to ,Rp. Atclosed the nlw up, fed the cats for the last time and headed to meet a friend at Trawangan Dive for a cool off in the pool. We escort minneapolis 100 up over a fresh watermelon juice, which Charlie claimed to be the best on the island he wasn't wrong!

In exchange for a bunch yot new movies and docus, two watermelon juices came to 70,Rp. This evening is our monthly book club meetup! Which has, over the years evolved into a wine appreciation evening and girly catch up. Hosted by Catherine, who fortunately also owns a Polynesian bar, Tiki Grove. For the first time in six dunped, we had Taco Tuesday! Even better in our own private closed down bar!

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Shared a bottle of wine and had an early night, so I didn't spend anything this evening. Up early at to film the sunrise.

I'm making a blog for the Hepace app about the turtle conservation that I run and it will be a one-off payment. Beautiful start to the morning and literally SO excited to be featured in my favourite escort redhead We have to act fast to find other sources of income, and are teaching ourselves to search for, and apply to as many grants as we can to keep our charity noww.

A quick stop at the island dump to get some footage of Indonesia's plastic waste problem.

Just got dumped now looking for fun

It is being highlighted next week by WWF in Norway. The dump is the reason why I started to live low-waste. To create rubbish and know where it ends up, is wrong on so many levels. Now we have a small under-counter kitchen bin which we empty every three to four months. Wednesday is Pituq weekly veg box pick up day. Pituq Community Foundation started a "shop and drop" when we got locked down on the island as they operate on mainland Lombok.

The profits of our package and plastic-free veggies go to feeding families suffering unemployment from the Covid crisis, so I see buying more plastic-free veggies female escorts in stockport in a donation to Lombok too. This week came to ,Rp for the week's food for me and my boyfriend.

So we pay half each of this plus delivery - or ,Rp. Today is my Mum's 60th birthday. Really dmuped as I was meant to be at home in England right now celebrating it with her, but stevenage silver escort is dum;ed unsafe and I don't fancy spending half of my allotted home-time in quarantine, regardless of the lax rules in the UK right now! Sorry, Mum! The whole island was awake to a power cut.

Luckily, early enough to wake up to check out the sunrise again. Once again, it didn't disappoint! Zoom yoga is FREE today!

Just got dumped now looking for fun

Denise, my instructor, set up a class islander pass ,rp. Covid times are biting down hard but this community is so supportive trying to keep options open for dumpedd to stay sane whilst we are not working.

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We went to Banyan Tree for kombucha and to all the digital nom that were hunting for a wifi connection and battery point, and ended harrow cheap escorts buying some cakes for my friend too. The total for a kombucha and three cakes was ,Rp. Off for a quick haircut in the jungle garden of Pip.

She gives an island price for an international standard haircut and loved her cake! It's so sad that everyone is slowly leaving our island empty and deserted. One mop management job later, ,Rp.

Just got dumped now looking for fun

Gave up on cooking dinner and Fabien ordered us lookng. My vegan pizza was 90,Rp. Mid pizza, POOF another power cut. With the evenings not cooling past 29'C, we begrudgingly accepted that we couldn't not sleep another night and headed to Manta Dive for a date with the generator. Fab paid ,Rp for a room. Regular Bubbly person Free Friday with the Gili Eco Trust isn't on today, so when I woke up, I stopped past the beach for a two-minute beach clean and then prepared for a Zoom interview about our turtle conservation.

It finished in time to head to GiliFit for a quick workout before going to buy some eggs for breakfast. A tray of 30 eggs 50,Rp a box of matches 10,Rp and a bag of oregano 25,Rp later, I ate and sat down to some work s. We left for Clive's silver party at Two bottles of silver spray paint later and my s costume had a millennium spacey look. dumepd


Just couldn't get enough of those Ginger Sailor cocktails! We paid half each and somehow cycled home. I will never learn to fu how much I drink and today's hangover confirmed I had way too much fun last night.

With only enough energy to stare at the garden things that are alive and thriving make me feel better when I'm suffering a painful death and to cook an evening meal, I decided upon my childhood ultimate favourite comfort food. My Mum's tuna pasta bake. Since tuna is extremely unsustainable to eat nowadays, and luci portsmouth escort I follow a strict low FODMAP fermentable oligo- di- mono-saccharides and polyolsdairy-free veggie diet, I made the whole thing from scratch and successfully used every item of the kitchen it's Fab's job to eat the food, and clean up after me ha!

First time I've made this and it won't be the last! Over half the tray left for lunch tomorrow. Smash it all up in a bowl and voila! A solid nine hours of sleep and a coffee on the porch in the sun and I'm ready for the day. Spent the morning in the dump next to my house, scavenging an old scaffold tower and some bamboo poles to make a bean trellis for the garden. After a few repairs I've managed to turn the scaffold step into a set of shelves to put seedlings on where the cats can't get to them or can they?

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Gardening has been a time-consuming learning curve, I haven't inherited my Dad's horticultural skills! But seeds and cuttings are all propagated from around the island or the rainforest in Lombok which has made it a fun, relaxing and mindful activity throughout the lockdown. My other favourite Sunday activity is making a roast dinner. Fab converted the spare room into a kitchen for my birthday when we moved in, I love it! We had crispy roast potatoes, escorts in walsall sage tofu, Mediterranean veggies and marmite gravy.

The splurge at the beginning of the week dum;ed up most of this pretty expensive week. We go to the mainland so rarely that I tend to panic buy provisions especially now there is a shop with imported foods.

Escort n also know as soon as I have a bar tab, I am slightly more frivolous with my spending than paying cash. Made all the more painful as I don't remember paying it thanks to strong cocktails and Fabien for looking after me! Even after eight years of living in Indonesia, the exchange rate still shocks me. But sadly due to Covid, my monthly salary is only around double this. Organise your day and plan what you need to reduce take-outs and plastic waste coffee, lunch box, travel utensils, water.