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Our nurse advice line will remain open during the holidays, except for public holidays. The rest of the team will be back on 11 th January.

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Check out the tips below Video Checked your breasts lately? This loooing be a lump, thickened area, or anything that feels totally different from any other area in your breasts.

Looking for breast

An easy way to check your breasts is escort fredericton Raise one arm above your head. With the flat of your fingers press into your breast, feeling for any changes, softly at first and then more firmly. Check the fir breast area, from your collarbone to under your breast, and from the side of your breast up into your armpit. A good rbeast to do this is to move your hands over your breasts, in an up and down or in a circular motion.

Repeat on the other breast. Place a folded towel underneath one shoulder and put your arm above your head. How should I check my breasts?

Looking for breast

Be breast aware Every woman's breasts are different in terms of size, shape and consistency. After the menopause, normal breasts lokoing softer, less firm and not as lumpy.

The NHS Breast Screening Programme has produced a 5-point plan for breash breast aware: know what's normal for you look at your breasts and feel them know what changes to look star girls adelaide hills escort report any changes without delay attend routine screening if you're 50 or over Look at your breasts and feel each breast and armpit, and up to your collarbone. Breast changes to look out for Beast your GP if you notice any escorts babes booval the following changes: a change in the size, for or shape of your breast a change in the look or feel of your skin, such as puckering or dimpling a new lump, thickening or bumpy area in one breast or armpit that is different from the same area on the breast side nipple discharge that's not milky bleeding from your nipple a moist, red area on your nipple that doesn't heal easily any change in nipple position, such as your nipple being pulled in or pointing differently a rash on or around your nipple any discomfort or pain in one breast, particularly if it's a breaet pain lolking doesn't go looking although pain is only a symptom of breast cancer in rare cases Always see your GP if you are concerned Breast changes can happen for many reasons, and most of them aren't serious.

Find out more information about cancer. Further information Do I need a cervical screening test if I'm not sexually active? Can I have a cervical screening test during pregnancy?

Looking for breast

This can change during your menstrual cycle. Look at your breasts and feel each breast and armpit, and up to your collarbone. You may find it easiest to do this in the shower or bath, by running a soapy hand over each breast and up under each armpit.

Looking for breast

You can also look at your breasts in the mirror. Look with your arms by your side and also with them raised.

Looking for breast

Breast changes can happen for many reasons, and most of them aren't serious. However, if you find changes in your breast that aren't normal for you, it's best to see your GP as soon as possible. This is because it is important to rule out breast cancer.

Looking for breast